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You are made of lose
Dear Readers,

I thank you all for your patience and reviews. However, becoming a Work-at-Home-Mom is proving to be virtually all consuming, and I must place a higher priority on my original fiction.

So, I’ve made the decision to open all three of my unfinished stories up to other authors. I hope you will take the ideas and run with them.

And, who knows, maybe I’ll find crossovers of my original stuff here someday.

Have a great year.

<Name Removed>
Hahahahaha. No, seriously, LOLocaust. On several levels. Primarily, on her thinking that she's going to get somewhere someday based on the skills I've seen in her writing. Even more so with the 'I hope to see fanfic of my published stuff' bit. But seriously, if you manage less than 50,000 words in close to a year on one story featuring OCs for everyone, another where the "Scoobies" are too-intelligent five-year olds on a spaceship, and the last is rather badly-done crossover between X-Men and Star Wars? Oh, I see your career going real far real fast.


Tempted to take one of her stories though. The X-Men/Star Wars one. Because you can never have too many lesbian fics.


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