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They seriously do not make an expletive strong enough for this occasion. From the same genius who induced a few past rants, I got an email after announcing the pending rewrite of my lesbian WIWU fic Real or No Real. Again, this had to be spell-checked for your own sanity...
Any chance of Illyria seeing Xander as a annoying younger brother type person in this fic? Because I could just see her disapproving of his latest date and threatening her to take a hike before she would rip off her head. She might not even know she sees him like that until Jean tells her. Xander, finally reaching the end of his rope, tells Illyria that since his choices are "unworthy" (that would be her term for them) that she gets him a girlfriend then. I can just see her ordering a suitable mate for the annoying one-eyed one to become his lover if she knows what's good for her. It could be a comedy interlude?
Just... *twitchtwitchtwitchexplode* Xander has like, a one line mention in this particular story. There is no Xander content. None. Illyria mentions him as being in Cleveland (as is Faith, who gets more of a mention than Xander) before she leaves the Hellmouth to come to Xavier's. I generally appreciate feedback but... what the fuck, Charles?


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