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Flaming sucks...
...when the person is too dee dee dee to actually get offended.

"You suck."
"OMFG LOLz, i no i sux!"

Other people that should be shot:
  • People who can't cross Buffy and Harry Potter without making Willow a Weasley. Grow a fucking idea that doesn't revolve around motherfucking hair color, kthnxbye.
  • Anyone who writes more than one "OMG, Character X is really Character Y!" story. Well, unless they're doing parodies.
  • "My friends don't want me anymore so I decide to leave down and come back a gay superhero!"
  • High school "AU" story writers.
  • Writers who even THINK of writing a high school "AU" story.
  • People who try to base arguments/"witty" commentary on region or nation-specific television programming. Gee, I wonder why the American is vastly unamused by jokes about/references to some obscure British show...


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