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Random thought for HP slashers...
8.15.2006 | 0 Comments
There is no uterus in a man. Stop adding one.

Especially when it's somehow related to his anus. When you cum up ANYONE'S butt, it leads to an uncomfortable situation that needs to be taken care of... preferably with the adjustable shower head. It doesn't lead to pregnancy in women, who actually HAVE a uterus, and it certainly doesn't lead to pregnancy in men.

Besides, could you imagine explaining that to the kid?
"You see, when one man and another man really love each other, and want to have a baby, one sticks it in the other's pooper. The one who had it stuck in his pooper gets pregnant in the ass. For nine months, his ass swells in pregnancy, and he experiences mood swings, morning sickness, cravings, and other hormonal imbalances. Then, after nine months are up, he shits out a baby! And so the beautiful circle of life makes another revolution."


posted by JoeHundredaire @ 2:40 AM
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