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Interesting people I know
1.29.2007 | 0 Comments
This might just be me, but is the fact that since last time I've talked to you (about a month gap)... is it really a good thing that you've dumped the boyfriend you were "so in love with" and are now ENGAGED to a person who (as of our previous speaking) you'd yet to meet? The psychoanalytical part of me is having a field day with this, but I think I'll just fall back on my new favorite graphic to express my feelings...

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posted by JoeHundredaire @ 11:23 PM
Flaming sucks...
1.27.2007 | 0 Comments
...when the person is too dee dee dee to actually get offended.

"You suck."
"OMFG LOLz, i no i sux!"

Other people that should be shot:
  • People who can't cross Buffy and Harry Potter without making Willow a Weasley. Grow a fucking idea that doesn't revolve around motherfucking hair color, kthnxbye.
  • Anyone who writes more than one "OMG, Character X is really Character Y!" story. Well, unless they're doing parodies.
  • "My friends don't want me anymore so I decide to leave down and come back a gay superhero!"
  • High school "AU" story writers.
  • Writers who even THINK of writing a high school "AU" story.
  • People who try to base arguments/"witty" commentary on region or nation-specific television programming. Gee, I wonder why the American is vastly unamused by jokes about/references to some obscure British show...


  • posted by JoeHundredaire @ 8:40 PM
    Almost as funny as porn star entries on Wikipedia...
    1.23.2007 | 0 Comments listening to people do art commentary on hentai.
    Haha I love Oni's colors. To me his colors are second to none and really bring a vibrace to his pics. This one is certainly no exception.
    Uh... huh. You commission a guy to draw X-rated lesbian art and what you enjoy about it is the COLORS. Right then. Not even sure WTF a "vibrace" is, unless it's a kinky sex toy for crippled girls...


    posted by JoeHundredaire @ 11:55 AM
    Hahahahaha... twat
    1.11.2007 | 0 Comments
    I love one of my girlfriend's friends. Really, I do. Listening to this dumb bitch try and break us up is like... oh god, there's not a word for a train wreck like this. It's past a train wreck that tipped over onto a highway and caused a 20-car pileup. Some of the highlights of this so-called friend's arguments about why Carrie should dump me. And you've gotta love how coherent and relevant some of these are...

    Re: Why she doesn't dump me for making the occasional joke about our cuddling:
    VeniVidiScripsi: See, I get away with far worse with Carrie than just being rude to you.
    VeniVidiScripsi: So unless you really want to lose a friend of... how many years was it?
    VeniVidiScripsi: I strongly suggest you get over yourself.
    CuteBlueDemon: you should get over yourself, she diserves a lot better then you
    CuteBlueDemon: she has no confidence in herself is the problem
    VeniVidiScripsi: She's changed in the last few months.
    VeniVidiScripsi: You'd know that if you had bothered to have contact with her.
    VeniVidiScripsi: Before, yunno, attacking her boyfriend over what Kira says.
    CuteBlueDemon: im not going on anything kira has told me and i have contacted her, a lot
    VeniVidiScripsi: Really?
    VeniVidiScripsi: Cuz "Haven't talked to her in six months" is pretty damning?

    Re: Why Carrie doesn't care that her sister doesn't like me, said dislike being because Kira likes to pick fights and I like to end them:
    CuteBlueDemon: that dosent matter, carrie is being stupid
    CuteBlueDemon: by the way, your ugly as fuck kid
    CuteBlueDemon: you look like a frigin beatle
    CuteBlueDemon: accept your fat
    (For those of you playing the home version, I'm roughly 6'0" and 170 lbs...)

    Another offshoot from the cuddling discussion, which somehow got into the fact that I'm on the Internet... gee, about as much as this girl is?
    VeniVidiScripsi: I was merely referring to Carrie's tendency to curl up as close to (and as much on top of) as humanly possible.
    VeniVidiScripsi: She's an excellent heater.
    CuteBlueDemon: sheb has no confidence, thats why she says nothing
    CuteBlueDemon: your a mere child, how much are you on the interenet?
    CuteBlueDemon: is that your life?
    CuteBlueDemon: how sad...
    VeniVidiScripsi: And you don't think saying all this about your friend is "disrespectful" to her?
    CuteBlueDemon: im disrespecting you, i could careless if i hurt her feelings in hurting you. Ive seen far too many people date guys like you and ruine their lives
    CuteBlueDemon: id rather have her hate me and be away from you

    Re: Why my girlfriend would rather stay with me for a week at a time than let this "friend" hang out with us...:
    CuteBlueDemon: oh dont worry, i'll always harass you
    CuteBlueDemon: and everytime your in my state, i'll make sure to make your time miserable as possible
    VeniVidiScripsi: No wonder Carrie comes out here for a week at a time. O_o
    CuteBlueDemon: she attentioned crave for a male touch

    Re: The fact that Carrie knows me pretty much inside and out and this girl... we've had one previous discussion that consisted of me IMing her to ask who she was after she IM'd Carrie from a new name and alarmed Carrie, and she then proceeded to assplode at me about how I'm a fuckhead, controlling, a horrible person... for taking the s/n my girlfriend gave me and asking who it was?
    VeniVidiScripsi: *shrugs* Carrie knows far, far more about me than you do. She knows a great many things that I'm surprised she hasn't dumped me because of. But she hasn't, and you know why? Because she sees something in me. I agree, there are far better people out there. But lucky for me, she wants me and not them.
    CuteBlueDemon: she wants you because your her first crush. It happens when people have low self esteem

    She then goes on to insult Carrie's mother and entire family except for the sister who doesn't like me.

    Lovely girl.

    I see their friendship lasting a good long time beyond this...



    posted by JoeHundredaire @ 8:17 AM
    1.08.2007 | 0 Comments
    They seriously do not make an expletive strong enough for this occasion. From the same genius who induced a few past rants, I got an email after announcing the pending rewrite of my lesbian WIWU fic Real or No Real. Again, this had to be spell-checked for your own sanity...
    Any chance of Illyria seeing Xander as a annoying younger brother type person in this fic? Because I could just see her disapproving of his latest date and threatening her to take a hike before she would rip off her head. She might not even know she sees him like that until Jean tells her. Xander, finally reaching the end of his rope, tells Illyria that since his choices are "unworthy" (that would be her term for them) that she gets him a girlfriend then. I can just see her ordering a suitable mate for the annoying one-eyed one to become his lover if she knows what's good for her. It could be a comedy interlude?
    Just... *twitchtwitchtwitchexplode* Xander has like, a one line mention in this particular story. There is no Xander content. None. Illyria mentions him as being in Cleveland (as is Faith, who gets more of a mention than Xander) before she leaves the Hellmouth to come to Xavier's. I generally appreciate feedback but... what the fuck, Charles?


    posted by JoeHundredaire @ 4:23 AM
    You are made of lose
    1.05.2007 | 0 Comments
    Dear Readers,

    I thank you all for your patience and reviews. However, becoming a Work-at-Home-Mom is proving to be virtually all consuming, and I must place a higher priority on my original fiction.

    So, I’ve made the decision to open all three of my unfinished stories up to other authors. I hope you will take the ideas and run with them.

    And, who knows, maybe I’ll find crossovers of my original stuff here someday.

    Have a great year.

    <Name Removed>
    Hahahahaha. No, seriously, LOLocaust. On several levels. Primarily, on her thinking that she's going to get somewhere someday based on the skills I've seen in her writing. Even more so with the 'I hope to see fanfic of my published stuff' bit. But seriously, if you manage less than 50,000 words in close to a year on one story featuring OCs for everyone, another where the "Scoobies" are too-intelligent five-year olds on a spaceship, and the last is rather badly-done crossover between X-Men and Star Wars? Oh, I see your career going real far real fast.


    Tempted to take one of her stories though. The X-Men/Star Wars one. Because you can never have too many lesbian fics.


    posted by JoeHundredaire @ 4:43 PM
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